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    EarlyWorks and NEC Telecommunications Systems Launch Joint Research on "Ultra-Fast Next-Generation Hybrid Database Utilizing Blockchain Technology

    EarlyWorks and NEC Communications Systems Commence Joint Research on "Ultra-fast Next-generation Hybrid Database" Utilizing Blockchain Technology

    (Head Office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Sei Kobayashi; hereinafter "EarlyWorks") and NEC Communications Systems, Ltd. (Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and Representative Executive Officer: Yasuo Nishi; hereinafter "NEC Communications Systems") will begin joint research to realize the concept of an "ultra-high-speed, next-generation hybrid database" using blockchain technology. (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Yasuo Nishi, President & CEO; hereinafter "NEC Communication Systems") will start joint research from January 2020 to realize the concept of an "ultra high-speed next-generation hybrid database" using blockchain technology.

    The ultra-high-speed, next-generation hybrid database will realize the advantages of blockchain in terms of high tamper-resistance and information transparency at low cost, as well as the ease of introducing blockchain in the non-financial domain by following the conventional database interface with new technology.

    There are various challenges in applying blockchain to the non-financial domain, such as processing speed, security, and the high degree of specialization of the interface used in the development and maintenance process.

    In order to solve these issues, this joint research project will employ our proprietary blockchain infrastructure (Grid Ledger System (hereinafter referred to as "GLS")) and a highly versatile SQL interface, thereby reducing the hurdles for application adaptation as a general-purpose database and improving reliability, stability, and maintainability. We will continue research and prototype development of SmokeDB (Security Mighty Operation__kanma__Kindly and Easy blockchain DataBase), which enables application development with high reliability, stability and maintainability.

    Features of SmokeDB, an ultra-fast, next-generation hybrid database

    What the joint research aims to achieve

    In the database industry, running costs are soaring due to increasingly sophisticated technology and the growing volume of information, and the cost of countermeasures is also increasing due to the immediacy required of systems and the diversification and sophistication of cyber attacks.

    However, it is difficult to ensure consistency of responsibility in the event of system outages with cloud-based database services, as well as the high cost of handling the increasingly complex and high volume of traffic expected from 5G, IoT, AI, etc. in the future. In addition, there are issues such as high licensing and running costs when trying to handle the large volume of complex traffic expected in the future, such as 5G, IoT, and AI.

    By using "SmokeDB," which EarlyWorks and NEC Communication Systems are jointly researching, it will be possible to operate and provide stable data services with high security and high tolerance against system failures by communicating data management information among multiple servers and sharing the information that flows over the network. This enables the operation and provision of stable data services with high security and high tolerance to system failures, and contributes to technological development as a foundation for future applications.

    Role of each company

    EarlyWorks: Providing a super high-speed blockchain infrastructure (GLS) using blockchain technology by an original architect and examining the implementation method.

    NEC Communication Systems: Investigating a new distributed database structure by utilizing communication and database technologies and combining them with GLS.

    In addition, both companies will conduct research and development of a system architecture optimized for SmokeDB as a whole, and final confirmation of the implementation method for the demonstration experiment.

    As a "DOCOMO 5G Solution Partner (Note 2)" in the "DOCOMO 5G Open Partner Program (Note 1)," in which EarlyWorks is participating, we have decided to exhibit at the "DOCOMO Open House 2020 (Note 3)" hosted by NTT DoCoMo, Inc.

    A prototype of the "Ticket Resale Prevention System," which was actually developed by SmokeDB, will be exhibited as a concrete use case at the event.

    Details of DOCOMO Open House 2020 are as follows.

    Date: Thursday, January 23 and Friday, January 24, 2020, 9:30-18:00

    Venue: Tokyo Big Sight (Aomi Exhibition Hall)

    Participation fee: Free (Pre-registration required)

    Organizer: NTT DOCOMO, INC.

    Official website URL:

    Ticket resale prevention system

    <List of Notes>

    (Note 1) NTT DOCOMO's technology verification program for 5G environment provided to more than 3__kanma__000 companies and organizations (as of January 2020).

    (Note 2) For details of collaborative partners with technologies required in the 5G era, please refer to the announcement on DOCOMO's official website: 01.pdf

    (Note 3) NTT DOCOMO will hold an exhibition of services and solutions utilizing the latest technologies such as 5G, AI, and IoT, and a lecture meeting at Tokyo Big Sight until January 23 and 24, 2020.

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