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    Interview with our CEO, Mr. Kobayashi, was published in SANKEIBIZ.

    Summary of Interview

    The interview includes an overview of blockchain, the story behind the development of our company's ultra high-speed blockchain technology "Grid Ledger System" (GLS), and future prospects for utilizing this technology.

    The article also introduces our director (CTO) Hirotaka Yamamoto's encounter with the company in the process.

    The actual article is here.

    It's not just virtual currency! Vending machines, data management... Blockchain will change the future."

    []( bsj2103311730003-s2.htm)

    What is SankeiBiz?

    SankeiBiz ( is an economic information site operated by the Sankei Shimbun Group.

    With "work/career" and "self-improvement" as its main keywords, the site is updated daily with contents that satisfy the intellectual curiosity of businesspersons.

    The site also features many original contents such as serials and columns written by up-and-coming executives and intellectuals.