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    Innovative next-generation STO exchange, jointly developed by Earlyworks and Standard Capital

    (referred to as "GLS"), a proprietary blockchain technology. (Head office: Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Sei Kobayashi; hereinafter referred to as "EarlyWorks"), a developer of the proprietary blockchain technology "GLS"). (Head office: Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Sei Kobayashi; hereinafter "EarlyWorks"), which develops blockchain technology (hereinafter "Blockchain"), has formed a business alliance with Standard Capital Corporation (President: Daisei Yamaguchi; hereinafter "Standard Capital"), a venture capital and fintech company. (President: Daisei Yamaguchi, hereinafter referred to as "Standard Capital"), which is engaged in venture capital and fintech businesses, to jointly develop a next-generation STOSecurity Token Offering (STOS) exchange system that is secure and has high processing speed using blockchain technology.


    With the rapid growth of information technology in recent years, information provision, settlement, contracts, etc., have been simplified through systems, and various procedures can be carried out in real time by anyone anywhere in the world, and services can be provided in a rapid manner. In particular, the needs for financial products are increasing, and the computerization of securities is underway.

    Under the revised Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, which went into effect on May 1, 2020, rights that are deemed to be securities and that have property value that can be transferred using an electronic data processing system (so-called personal computer, etc.) are considered "electronically recorded transfer rights," and a legal framework has been established for their handling. The legal framework for the handling of such rights has been established.

    As explained on the official website of JICPA, of which Standard Capital is a supporting member, STOs, including "electronic record transfer rights," will enable the creation and provision of new financing methods, new financial products and services in place of stocks and bonds, which have never been available before, while at the same time providing service providers to users of such products and services. On the other hand, the development and provision of services, systems, and applications that provide these products and services to users are also required.

    Standard Capital has a wealth of knowledge and expertise accumulated through the establishment of the infrastructure for personal authentication networks, the formation of organizations to study issues related to the compliance of digital assets with laws and regulations, and the establishment of rules related to the trading of digital assets. By utilizing this knowledge and know-how, we will jointly develop this system with EarlyWorks, which has its own blockchain technology, in order to solve the issues that currently exist in related services.

    Outline of Joint Development

    In this joint development, EarlyWorks' next-generation blockchain system, GLS, and Standard Capital's personal authentication network infrastructure system, XELA (Wallet), will be combined, This will enable the trading and transfer of securities in a manner that does not allow tampering or fraud, and the automation of dividends through smart contracts and other means, aiming to provide highly secure and stress-free services.

    EarlyWorks' GLS is a hybrid blockchain system that combines the traditionally used centralized technology of databases with the decentralized technology of blockchain, a new concept that has been decomposed and reinterpreted at a fine granular level.

    It is a "next-generation blockchain" that combines security and stress-free processing speed, both of which have been considered impossible according to existing blockchain technology. Earlyworks has been focusing on this technology with the aim of offering it as a next-generation infrastructure technology that will create a new era of AI, IoT, and other technologies.

    Standard Capital's system enables secure management of ID information by maximizing the benefits of blockchain, and also realizes secure information exchange through seamless connection with external services.

    Unlike conventional IDs, in which an individual could operate multiple accounts by duplicating an e-mail address or phone number, the blockchain will make it an ID that secures and guarantees the existence of a single account that exists on the network by an individual, allowing the use of not only securities, but also points and This ID enables the proof of ownership of any kind of ownership tied to an individual, including securities, certain types of money such as points and tokens, NFT (Non Fungible Token) such as discount coupons and vouchers for products, and personal activity history.

    Future Trends

    The results of this joint research will be used for demonstration tests after the system is built to ensure stability and to provide a new experience for users of the service.

    Company Profile

    EarlyWorks, Inc.

    Earlyworks has developed the Grid Ledger System, a next-generation blockchain system of its own design, which combines the characteristics of blockchain, such as "tamper resistance," "fault tolerance," "traffic load balancing," and "data operation through multiple clouds," with the characteristics of conventional databases, such as "processing speed," "establishment of Fusing the characteristics of blockchain such as "tamper resistance," "fault tolerance," "traffic load balancing," and "data operation through multi-cloud, etc." with the characteristics of conventional database such as "processing speed," "establishment of finality," and "ease of system construction and processing," we provide technology as data infrastructure supporting cutting-edge technologies such as AI, IoT and 5G. Aims to promote the technological development of information technology and IT infrastructure.

    Name of Representative: Sei Kobayashi

    Location: MR Building 3F, 5-7-11 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan

    Establishment: May 2018

    Capital, etc.: 449.01 million yen (including capital reserve)


    ⚫︎Standard Capital Corporation

    Standard Capital Corporation is expanding its business in the area of identity authentication systems, which enable secure management of related information and secure information exchange through seamless connections with external services. The company is also engaged in security enhancement services that can be applied to a wide range of fields, centered on XELA ID, which enables individuals to manage their own information through a strong security structure. The company is also developing the STO business, which makes it possible to raise funds through securities issued using blockchain and other electronic means, and the STO system development, which enables small-lot real estate investments, thereby promoting the revitalization of financial capital markets and the efficiency of the financial system. While working on the general dissemination of electronic contracting services and technological development, the company also provides donation support and sponsors medical technology support projects.

    Representative: Daisei Yamaguchi

    Location : 11F Kirarito Ginza, 1-8-19 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan

    Establishment : November 2018

    Capital, etc.: 641.9 million yen (including capital reserve)


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    Standard Capital Corporation Public Relations: Ki Phone: 03-6805-1517 E-mail address: