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    An interview with VRADE was featured on the website of Hakuhodo Products Inc.

    Summary of Interview

    Kazunori Yamaji of Premium Arts, Nobuyuki Takahashi of Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Yasuhiro Nakajima of the Space Promotion Division, Naoya Kawashima of the Event DX Team in the Event and Space Promotion Division, and our CEO Sei Kobayashi, all of whom are involved in the development and operation of VRADE. The following is an introduction to the aims and features of VRADE development from CEO Sei Kobayashi.

    What is VRADE?

    VRADE" is an online venue where event organizers can simply select a venue and set up content, and event visitors can visit "VRADE" at any time and freely participate in public events, just like a conventional convention center (complex type event venue).

    The name "VRADE" combines the strengths of the four business partners: VR, AD, Decentralized (distributed processing), and Event/Exhibition. It is an unprecedented complex VR event venue that combines PremiumArts' advanced VR technology with EarlyWorks' high-speed blockchain technology, and is planned and marketed using the advertising and event know-how of Hakuhodo DY Media Partners and Hakuhodo Products.