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    An interview with Mr. Kobayashi, our CEO, and Mr. Namba, our system and service development manager, was posted on Shueisha Online.

    An interview with our CEO Kobayashi and Namba, who is in charge of system and service development, was published in Shueisha Online.

    We talked about the easy-to-understand explanation of blockchain even for elementary school students and the difficulties of blockchain development.

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    Blockchain is a "ballpoint pen, not a pencil," a blockchain explanation that even elementary school students can understand.

    Kobayashi, Representative, EarlyWorks, Inc.

    The book includes an explanation of blockchain that even elementary school students can understand, as well as future applications and prospects.

    Tell us! How to create services using blockchain|Ask a business manager of a specialized company

    Namba, System and Service Development Manager, EarlyWorks, Inc.

    Based on Namba's actual project experience, this book describes the difficulties of developing services using blockchain and how to utilize it.

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