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Media Information】 An interview with COO Kamioike was featured in Forbes JAPAN WEB Magazine.

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The role of the fastest blockchain in "feeding" database innovation

About "Forbes Japan

Official Website: https://forbesjapan.com/

Launched in June 2014, Forbes Japan is the Japanese edition of the global business magazine Forbes, which operates in 40 countries around the world.

Forbes Japan curates articles from Forbes' home and international editions to provide readers with a global perspective, and disseminates the world's most cutting-edge information along with original articles from Japan.

Forbes' mission is to bring the people, ideas, and technologies that are changing the world to the business executive community. Forbes Japan is building on Forbes' 100-year history, trust, and network of influential and powerful people to deliver the world's most cutting-edge information in a variety of formats through the magazine, the Web, events, and other platforms.

(quoted from the official website of Link Ties Co.)