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    The company was selected for Microsoft's "Microsoft for Startups" program.

    (Head Office: Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo; President: Sei Kobayashi; hereinafter "EarlyWorks") has been selected by Microsoft Corporation (Head Office: Washington, USA; hereinafter "Microsoft") for its "Microsoft for Startups" program.

    Our Future Initiatives

    EarlyWorks will collaborate with Microsoft Corporation to optimize our proprietary blockchain infrastructure GridLedger System ("GLS") in the environment of ultra-fast next-generation hybrid database, and will develop services for Azure customers to strengthen our business. We will develop services for Azure customers and strengthen our business.

    What is Microsoft for Startups?

    Microsoft for Startups is a startup support program that aims to create a global ecosystem by connecting startups with new customers and channel partners offered by Microsoft in more than 140 countries around the world. Startups selected for the program will receive support for Azure and other technologies, as well as access to the company's partner network and dedicated resources for business expansion. Details page:

    Background of Microsoft for Startups

    We have decided to utilize Microsoft's platform and network in order to further improve the quality of our ultra-high-speed, next-generation hybrid database product and to make it available to more companies than ever before.

    Our Blockchain Infrastructure

    Our blockchain system is a hybrid blockchain system that decomposes, interprets, and reconstructs the traditional centralized technology of databases and the decentralized technology of blockchain, which has emerged as a new concept, at a fine granularity. It is a "next-generation blockchain" that combines security and stress-free processing speed, both of which have been considered impossible according to existing blockchain technology. EarlyWorks has been focusing on this technology in recent years with the aim of providing AI, IoT, and other technologies that will create a new era as next-generation infrastructure technologies, and is expanding its sales through alliances with other companies this year.

    What is an ultra-high-speed next-generation hybrid database?

    The superiority of blockchain in realizing high tamper-resistance and transparency of information at low cost, and the ease of introducing blockchain in the non-financial domain by following the conventional database interface are realized by the new technology. There are various challenges in applying blockchain to the non-financial domain, such as processing speed, security, and the high degree of specialization of the interface used in the development and maintenance process. To solve these issues, we provide a database that lowers the hurdle for application adaptation as a general-purpose database by adopting our proprietary blockchain infrastructure (GLS) and a highly versatile SQL interface, and enables application development with high reliability, stability, and maintainability. We will provide a database that enables the development of applications with high reliability, stability, and maintainability.

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