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    Earlyworks selected as a co-creation partner for MetaMe® a meta-communication service utilizing cutting-edge technology from NTT DOCOMO, one of Japan's largest cell phone operators!

    Earlyworks Co., Ltd. (Nasdaq: ELWS) (the “Company” or “Earlyworks”), a Japanese company operating its proprietary private blockchain technology, Grid Ledger System (“GLS”), *, has been selected as a co-creation partner for MetaMe®, a meta-communication service utilizing cutting-edge technology from NTT DOCOMO, INC. (“DOCOMO”), one of Japan's largest cell phone operators.

    About "MetaMe" and Co-Creation Partner

    "MetaMe" is a new form of communication space developed by DOCOMO, where users can connect with others who share common values through hobbies, expressions, and conversations that reflect their individuality. It is operated by Relic Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Takaaki Kitajima), a company that supports new business development and innovation for Japanese enterprises. "MetaMe" consists of two main concepts: "Home," which reflects the values of users, and "Community World," which serves as a place for communication.

    <MetaMe official website>

    "MetaMe" will provide limited edition clothing, various items, and exclusive event tickets aimed at enhancing users' expression and experiences. These offerings will be facilitated through cutting-edge blockchain technology. Users will be able to showcase their rare items to friends, participate in exclusive events, and engage in interactions previously unavailable in similar services, aiming to provide new experiential value.

    Earlyworks, with the mission of "unearthing economic resources of individuals and corporations through blockchain," serves businesses aimed at visualizing and valuing data through the utilization of blockchain technology. Collaboratively with DOCOMO's cutting-edge technology, we are advancing various initiatives to realize the new experiential value aimed for by “MetaMe”.

    In the 1st phase, using Earlyworks' technology, "MetaMe" will be offered through a marketplace called the "MetaMe NFT** Market" where limited event tickets and items, as well as other NFT items, will be issued and sold.

    About "MetaMe” NFT Marketplace

    The "MetaMe" marketplace will offer the following services in different phases.

    In addition to the existing marketplace within MetaMe that handles digital content linked to events, the newly released "MetaMe NFT Marketplace" will enable users to purchase a variety of NFTs using cryptocurrency (initial phase is Polygon only, but it will be expanded). These NFTs will include collaborations with companies and artists, as well as paintings (artworks) viewable within MetaMe, membership cards, virtual clothing in the metaverse and more. The MetaMe NFT Marketplace will initially offer multiple NFTs and provide a secure trading environment. Through this initiative, we aim to accelerate value exchange via NFTs and build the MetaMe ecosystem. The establishment of this marketplace will facilitate smooth value exchange among users and drive the expansion of fan communities.

    The NFT marketplace not only tokenizes artworks, membership cards, and clothing for avatars but also enables the tokenization of previously invisible values. As the creator economy continues to evolve, this initiative will deepen the relationship between fans and creators, enabling new value creation.

    *: What is the Grid Ledger System?

    The Grid Ledger System (GLS) is an integrated distributed database service developed on the foundation of blockchain technology. GLS achieves ultra-fast processing by addressing the bottleneck issues inherent in traditional blockchains. Additionally, it combines the advantages of databases and blockchains by providing advanced tamper resistance, zero downtime, and traceability that were not achievable with traditional databases alone, resulting in overwhelming usability.

    **: What is NFT?

    NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, representing "unique digital assets" in essence. While fungible implies interchangeability, non-fungible indicates "non-interchangeable," thereby proving the uniqueness and individuality of each NFT. This ensures that each NFT holds a unique value, guaranteeing its singular worth in the world.

    About Earlyworks Co., Ltd.

    Earlyworks Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company operating its proprietary private blockchain technology, GLS, to leverage blockchain technology in various applications in a wide range of industries. GLS is a hybrid blockchain that combines the technical advantages of blockchain and database technology. GLS features high-speed processing, which can reach 0.016 seconds per transaction, tamper-resistance, security, zero server downtime, and versatile applications. The applicability of GLS is verified in multiple domains, including real estate, advertisement, telecommunications, metaverse, and financial services. The Company’s mission is to keep updating GLS and make it an infrastructure in the coming Web3/metaverse-like data society.

    For more information, please visit the Company’s website:

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    Earlyworks Co., Ltd. Contact: Hideyuki Nakajima TEL: 03-5614-0978 E-MAIL:

    About Relic Inc.

    Relic Inc. is a "business co-creation company" that supports new business development and innovation creation for Japanese enterprises. We have been interactively developing three main businesses: the "Incubation Tech Business," which provides a SaaS-based platform specializing in unprecedented new business development, the "Business Production/New Business Development Support Business," which comprehensively supports new business and innovation creation, and the "Open Innovation Business," which collaborates with startup companies through investment and joint ventures with large enterprises to co-create innovation. Through eight years of operation with involvement in over 4,000 companies and 20,000 new business developments, we have established ourselves as a leading company in the field of supporting and co-creating new businesses and innovations with unparalleled value and significance as well as the achievement of industry-leading scale and growth.