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EarlyWorks, Inc. begins collaboration with Tokyo Institute of Technology Associate Professor Suto to develop ultra-fast blockchain algorithm for real-world business use.

EarlyWorks, Inc. and Associate Professor Kazuyuki Suto of the Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences, School of Information Science and Technology, Tokyo Institute of Technology have started collaboration on "Proof of Rounds," our proprietary blockchain technology.

Blockchain is one of the latest technologies attracting worldwide attention along with AI, IoT, and Big Data, and is expected to be a fundamental solution to the recent problems of point system leakage and counterfeiting, forgery, and substitution in logistics.

However, despite its high security, blockchain has problems in speed and scalability, and its adoption by companies has not progressed.

Against this backdrop, EarlyWorks has conducted extensive research on ultra-high-speed blockchain that does not differ from databases in terms of usability, and has developed "Proof of Rounds" on its own.

We began working with Associate Professor Kazuyuki Suto of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, who is an expert in blockchain, to gain a third-party perspective on the performance and security of consensus building algorithms.

We plan to work together to further improve our own blockchain and exchange information and guidance from both academic and business perspectives.

Through the synergy effect of this collaboration, we will further improve the quality of the blockchain as a truly usable blockchain for business, and continue to research, build, and develop a system that can be used more safely by companies and users.

◆Associate Professor Kazuyuki Suto Profile


He is one of the few researchers who specialize in large-scale distributed systems consisting of thousands or millions of computers, and is working on the blockchain from the network aspect.

After working as a research assistant at Waseda University since April 1998 and as a researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in April 2001, he moved to a start-up company in April 2006, where he developed and commercialized a peer-to-peer video distribution technology as the chief technology officer and director.

In December 2008, he moved to Tokyo Institute of Technology, where he has been working as an associate professor, and since 2009, as a project manager for the "Unexplored Project" of the Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan, which selects and trains outstanding IT creators under 25 years old. He also provides advice and support to venture companies and new projects.

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