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Complete real estate contracts online. AMBITION Sign" service, which utilizes our blockchain technology "GLS", has been launched.

(Head office: Taito-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Sei Kobayashi; hereafter referred to as "the Company") has developed the "Grid Ledger System (GLS)," an ultra high-speed blockchain system that boasts the world's top-class speed, utilizing its advanced technological capabilities. We are working with various partner companies to build and introduce blockchain-based systems in various industries.

With the enforcement on May 18, 2022 of the revised Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law (Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Law) as part of the Digital Reform Law, which enables online explanation of important matters and document procedures, we have developed and started offering a real estate contract platform "AMBITION Sign" developed by Ambition DX Holdings, Inc. Ltd. is pleased to announce that our blockchain technology "GLS" has been adopted by "AMBITION Sign", a real estate contract platform developed and launched by AMBITION DX Holdings, Inc.

This system will enhance the security of information by adding blockchain elements to the conventional electronic contracting system, as real estate contracts handle highly confidential information.


About AMBITION Sign.

AMBITION Sign enables customers to sign contracts via videoconference with sales representatives on their smartphones or PCs, greatly reducing the time and effort required to sign a contract. Furthermore, by utilizing blockchain (distributed ledger) technology for highly confidential real estate contract information, it is possible to increase the robustness of the contract by preventing information leaks, tampering, and spoofing, thereby making it possible to execute contracts in a secure environment. Our blockchain technology "GLS" has been adopted for this system.

Features of Blockchain DB

The use of blockchain technology enables more secure management, and its high tamper-resistance provides a high level of proof in "identity verification" and "tamper-resistance".

The private key is finite, which makes it possible to minimize the possibility of tampering.

GLS developed by our company

GLS (Grid Ledger System) is a blockchain-type database for the next generation, originally designed and developed by EarlyWorks as an integrated management system for distributed computing, which will be the infrastructure of the new era.

The challenges of blockchain include its low versatility, processing speed, and lack of environmental facilities for business.

GLS has succeeded in achieving ultra-high speed by solving these three major bottlenecks existing in blockchain.

In addition, GLS acquires the concepts of high tamper-resistance, zero downtime, and traceability from the characteristics of blockchain, which could not be achieved with databases from a cost perspective, and achieves overwhelming usability by combining the advantages of both databases and blockchain.

EarlyWorks Corporation

EarlyWorks, Inc. is a venture company mainly engaged in the creation of new services using proprietary blockchain technology.

We have developed the "Grid Ledger System (GLS)," an ultra-fast blockchain system that boasts the world's top-class speed, utilizing our advanced technological capabilities. While other companies' existing systems have slowed down their processing speeds due to the need for enhanced security measures, our system has achieved an astounding processing speed of 0.2 seconds per transaction.

Furthermore, we are promoting collaboration with various companies by utilizing our blockchain development technology.

Company name: EarlyWorks Co.

Headquarters: MR Building 3F, 5-7-11 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Kiyoshi Kobayashi

Establishment: May 1, 2018

Business: Planning, proposal, design, and development of system solutions using blockchain

URL: https://e-arly.works/

Ambition DX Holdings Inc.

Ambition DX Holdings Inc. is a company that provides one-stop services from development, planning, purchasing, brokerage, sales, and insurance to real estate DX (Digital Transformation) business by utilizing real estate big data obtained from the development, planning, purchasing, brokerage, sales, and insurance, with a focus on the rental management business of designer apartments in the city center. We provide real estate services utilizing the latest technologies such as AI-based real estate RPA, IoT, smart home, and AI chat, an automated customer service system.

Company name: Ambition DX Holdings Co.

Headquarters: Sumitomo Fudosan Harajuku Building 18F, 2-34-17 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Tsuyoshi Shimizu

Establishment: September 14, 2007

Business description: Leasing DX Property Management Business, Trading DX Invest Business, Leasing DX Rental Brokerage Business, Real Estate DX Business, Small Amount Short Term Insurance Business, Overseas System Business, Incubation Business

URL: https://am-bition.jp/

Press release: https://ssl4.eir-parts.net/doc/3300/tdnet/2100245/00.pdf

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EarlyWorks, Inc.

Inquiry: https://e-arly.works/contact/